West Bengal Tourist Places – Kalimpong

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West Bengal Tourist Places 1- kalimpong Sightseeing

Kalimpong is the famous district of Darjeeling in West Bengal state and it is located on a ridge which faces the Teesta river of West Bengal, this place is a major tourist location due to its imminence beauty. It is a renowned tourist spot. Apart from natural glory the silent valleys of Kalimpong is very rich in heritage and religious. Never miss to visit West Bengal Tourist Places. The word Kalimpong means “Ridge where we play” and ‘black spur’ in local tribal language.

West Bengal Tourist Places 5- Kalimpong

Kalimpong is also an amazing vacation paradise in India which is hidden among the hills of north regions of the country. Kalimpong is not overtly exposed in the tourism circuit and as still continues to be a newbie holiday destination in west Bengal. The tourist place Kalimpong is visited and enjoyed by a few lucky tourists who know about the region. If you visit Kalimpong one can experience the pleasant and very cool atmosphere. Kalimpong is also rich in horticulture and each and every year they provide flowers and petals to many states of India.

West Bengal Tourist Places 4- Kalimpong

Every year tourists from all over the world visit Kalimpong. This place is amazingly a heaven with rich natural surroundings, pleasant ambiance and the pristine mountain air which gives an irresistible invitation to the hill station. Whenever you are planning a tour to India visit West Bengal Tourist Places and enjoy the beauty of the hill station. Tucked away among the lesser Himalayas also known as the Mahabharata range Kalimpong can be said to be one of the most well kept secret of the country. Kalimpong is the perfect break from city life. The lush green surroundings of the Kalimpong region offer the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of city life.

West Bengal Tourist Places 3 - Kalimpong

There are number of tourist spots in Kalimpong which are very attractive. One can easily rejuvenate his tired and half slept body and soul by having a visit to Kalimpong. There are deep and dense valleys and peaks are there in kalimpong. These beautiful valleys are available for trekking and adventurous activities.

West Bengal Tourist Places 2 - Kalimpong

The Kalimpong Science Centre is most famous tourist attraction and it’s an informatory mission to school and college students on behalf of the government. One can reach this small city through air, rail and road means. Kalimpong offers the perfect setting to adventure enthusiasts to indulge in all kinds of adventure sports activities in the region, ranging from the humble nature walks, trekking and hiking to mountaineering and rappelling among others. West Bengal Tourist Places are worth to visit, never miss to visit this beautiful place in your life.


Prosperous Diwali

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Diwali or Deepavali is very special festival among all the festivals in India. Deepawali is also popular for its lighting and sound, so it is also called as ‘festival of light’.  It is celebrated in the month of November. On this day, people worship Goddess Lakshmi and light their house with Diya and burn crackers. Sri Ram also returned to Ayodhya on this day.


Candles of Hope are burning Bright,

Filling our hearts

With eternal delight

Hope, joy, prosperity and health

Wishing you happiness & Peace

 Happy Diwali

West Bengal Tourist Places – Darjeeling A Place with Scenic Charm and Beauty

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West Bengal Tourist Places 3 - darjeeling tea garden

West Bengal is a land of rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Tourists from each and every corner of the world come here to enjoy their vacations. This beautiful state is located in East India. Wildlife is one of the main attractions of this state. The west Bengal state is surrounded by majestic Himalayas on its north and Bay of Bengal on its south. This destination is popular for its cultural heritage, art, crafts, literature and wildlife. It is popularly known as the land of tiger.

West Bengal Tourist Places 1 - Batasia Loop Darjeeling West Bengal India

In your journey of life never miss to visit west Bengal tourist places. The holy river Ganga flows through this state. If you want you can take a dip in this holy river during the festival time. The state boasts of heritage monuments, colorful culture, wildlife, mountains, beaches and delicious cuisine. Darjeeling is one of the famous tourist places in west Bengal.

 West Bengal Tourist Places 4 -Tiger Hill Darjeeling

One of the famous and hot spot tourist destinations of west Bengal is the Darjeeling. The name Darjeeling comes from the word Dorje-ling, in which Dorje means “thunder” and Ling means “place”, if we read this together then it becomes “the place of thunderbolt”.  It is also said that the word Darjeeling comes from “Dorjé-rinzing”, it is a name of a lama who founded the monastery which once stood on Observatory Hill. Never miss to visit this famous West Bengal Tourist Places in your life.

 West Bengal Tourist Places 5 -Sunrise at tiger hill

‘Darjeeling’ is a dream destination for every traveler who loves nature. The beautiful place Darjeeling is surrounded by scenic snow capped very high peaks on all the sides, Darjeeling is an ideal and best town for those who seek peace and tranquility amidst Nature’s bounty. Darjeeling is a famous west Bengal tourist places in India and are worth to visit. Darjeeling’s weather is very pleasant throughout the year, and each season has its own charm and beauty. You can also experience very fresh and cool environment in Darjeeling throughout the year. The pleasant change in weather of the city makes the city more charming. Mount Kanchenjunga located in Darjeeling also fascinates anybody any time. The nature is at its best. The spectacular sunrise and sunsets are the most unforgettable sights in Darjeeling India.

 West Bengal Tourist Places 6 - Sunrise view kanchenjunga

Darjeeling is one the beautiful place which is blessed with several attractions and natural beauties which always attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Tiger Hill, War Memorial, Batasia Loop, Ava Art Gallery, Rock Garden, Ganga Maya Park, Botanical Garden, Buddhist Monasteries, Dhirdham Temple, Tea Gardens etc are some places which cannot be missed.

If you wish to spend your valuable time with your loved ones Darjeeling is the best place you can visit. The ideal time to visit this famous Darjeeling hill station is between the months of April to June and from September to December.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple Kolkata

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West Bengal Tourist Places - Dakshineswar Temple kolkata

Kolkata or Calcutta the capital of West Bengal is very famous for its many holy temples and monasteries. The entire Kolkata city breathes celebration, festival, religion and spiritualism. Goddess Kali is worshipped here, in her various forms. Number of temples dedicated to the Goddess kali can be found in each and every corner of the city. Whenever you are planning a tour to India include west Bengal tourist places in your list. One of the most famous and beautiful temples in Calcutta is the Dakshineswar Temple, located in the Eastern bank of small canal called Adi Ganga which connects to the Hooghly River. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple construction was started in the year 1847 and Temple was over in 1855. The temple, built in conventional Nava-Ratna style, it is of 46 feet square and hundred feet high is a large elongated building standing on a high platform with a flight of stairs. It is one of the largest temples of Kolkata and a true architectural master piece.

 West Bengal Tourist Places - Dakshineswar Kali Temple 1

The idols of the Gods and the Goddess was decided to be installed on the ‘snana-yatra day’, an auspicious days of the Hindus. 31st May 1855, more than 1 lakh Brahmins were invited from different parts of the country to grace the auspicious occasion amidst the controversy of the Rani being in no position to own a temple and to offer Brahmins to feed since she was of low birth. The idols of the Gods and the Goddess were decided to be installed. West Bengal tourist places are worth to visit.

West Bengal Tourist Places - kalighat maa kali

Every year number of people from all over the world visits this temple. Rani Rashmani was the creator of this famous pilgrimage of West Bengal. Dakshineswar Temple is closely associated with Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, as he was one of the very first priests of this temple. The 12 – spired temple with its enormous courtyard is surrounded by 12 other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kolkata or Calcutta is a world famous place of pilgrimage. The temple compound, apart from the nine main temples, contains a large courtyard surrounding the temple with rooms along the boundary walls. Never miss to plan a tour to west Bengal tourist places, because if you visit the place then only you can see and experience this Maa Kali Temple. There are twelve shrines are there in the temple which is dedicated to Shiva-Kali’s companion along the river front, a temple to Radha-Krishna, a bathing ghat on the river and a shrine dedicated to Rani Rashmoni. The chamber in the northwestern corner just beyond the last of the Shiva temples is where Ramakrishna spent a considerable part of his life.

 Mother Kali In The Shrines Of Dakshineshwar Tarapith

You will get blessings of Maa Kali or mother Kali from Dakshineswar r temple for any distress of life, any problem of mental agonies and anxieties or for any family criticalities to get peaceful solutions and successful achievements in fulfilling the prayers by the touch of her auspicious Nirmalya and Pujas with pure heart. Dakshineswar temple is considered as one of the famous west Bengal tourist places in India. It is a must visit attraction for anyone who visits Kolkata. Even if one is an atheist the devotional ambience that surrounds this place truly touches one’s heart.

West Bengal Tourist Places – Mayapur A Spiritual and Religious Place

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Mayapur is a spiritual place located on the banks of the River Hooghly in Nadia district of West Bengal. There are many temple attractions Mayapur and also most visited Religious center in West Bengal. This is the main attractions for the tourists. Every year tourists from each and every corner of the world visit here.  Mayapur is the awesome place for the one who visit and enjoy the place. If you are planning a tour to West Bengal Tourist Places include Mayapur in your list. This is considered as one of the most visited place in West Bengal. Mayapur is compared with Mathura and Vrindavan because in mayapur also devotees of Krishna have a more respect for this place. Mayapur is a famous pilgrim center and now it is considered as picnic spot.  This popular pilgrim center is founded by Bakthi Vinod Thakur.


There are many temples in Mayapur and these temples are dedicated to Radha and Krishna. Everywhere in Mayapur you can find Radha Krishna Temple. Mayapur is a spiritual place there for it is a perfect and best place for relax and enjoy.  You can visit the place any time but don’t miss to visit. You can plan a tour to West Bengal Tourist Places when you feel tired, tensed and distracted from the busy work schedule. Planning a trip to Mayapur makes you live happily. Mayapur you can feel pleasant and calm climate it refreshes not only your mind and body it also refreshes your spirit.


Mayapur is visited by over a millions of pilgrims annually from all across the globe. In Mayapur you can find many attractive places to visit. The main attractions in Mayapur include ISKCON Chandrodaya temple, Yoga peeth, Sri Chaithanya Math, Chand Kazis Samadhi. ISKCON temple or Chandrodaya temple is the famous temple in Mayapur. The temple is filled with peace and serenity Thousands of tourists from all over the globe visits this place during the festivals of Holi, Sri Krishna Janmashtmi and other Vaishnava festivals. If you visit this place once in your life you will surely forget all the tensions from busy city life and you will be influenced towards Lord Krishna.

September to February is the ideal time to visit Mayapur. July to August is the reason. So it is better to not to plan a tour to West Bengal Tourist Places during these months. Most of the festivals in Mayapur fall in the month of October and November so it is called as festive season in Mayapur. Navaratri festival is the famous festival and which is celebrated for 9 days with lots of fun by the tourists as well as the people living in Mayapur. The Kali Puja is also an important festival celebrated during these months in Mayapur. During the months of February, March holi and month of August Janmastmi is also celebrated.

West Bengal Tourist Places – Shantiniketan A Life Time Experience

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Shantiniketan is the most famous and popular in West Bengal. It is a small town in the Bolpur. The place becomes most famous because of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He had a big vision and what is now became a University town. The place attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. In earlier time Shantiniketan was called as Bhubandanga which is named after a local Dacoit Bhuban Dakat, and it is owned by the family of Tagore. In the year of 1862, Maharishi Devendranath Tagore, who is the father of famous poet Rabindranath Tagore, while on a boat journey to place Raipur, he came across a landscape with red soil and lush green paddy fields. He decided and thought to plant more saplings and there itself built a small beautiful house. He named his home as Shantiniketan. In 1863 Maharshini Devendranath founded the ashram and became the initiator of the Bramho Samaj.

Today Shantiniketan is considered as famous West Bengal Tourist Places because the poet Rabindranath Tagore lived here and composed many of the literary classics. Tagore’s house is having lot of historical importance also. The must see tourist places in Shantiniketan include Kankalitala temple, Nanoor, Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as Deer Sanctuary , ViswaBharathi university , Jaydev Kenduli and many more. Kankalitala Temple is situated on the banks of the river Kopai and Goddess Parvati is the residing deity of the temple.  Jaydev Kenduli is a place located on the banks of the Ajay River. Viswa Bharathi University is the most famous university in the world it is established in the year 1863 as place for conducting experiments in education. Students from each and every corner of the world come to shantiniketan to learn Indian music, dance culture. Shantiniketan is one of the most visited places in the world. The atmosphere was very calm and quite.

The ideal time to visit Shantiniketan is between the months of September to February. Whenever you are planning tour to West Bengal Tourist Places include Shantiniketan in your list.

West Bengal Tourist Places – Kurseong Unleash Unforgettable Memories

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Kurseong is another favorite and beautiful place in West Bengal.  This is the tiny hill station near to Darjeeling and is considered as West Bengal Tourist Places.  Both the place is having 32km distance.  One who visit Darjeeling they can also visit Kurseong and reverse also. The endless tea estates, nurseries of orchid flowers, and verdant hill slopes are best attractions of Kurseong. The place derives its name from Kharsang which is the Nepali word, Lepcha language it literally means dawn’s pole star or Land of White Orchids. In 1835 King of Sikkim transferred Kurseong to the British. The town got its own importance after the year 1880. But Darjeeling took the larger share of tourism. Basically Kurseong is most famous for its tea garden. It includes Makaibarie, Ambotia, Castleton and Goomtee. The tea taken from these tea estates is exported to other foreign countries and which is sold at very high price. If you walk through with the Kurseong lanes it will give you mesmerizing experience. The ideal time to visit Kurseong is between the months of March to May and August to October.

The atmosphere of the Kurseong was very clean and pleasant weather. Due to this reason the place was considered to be the perfect destination for tourism.  There are many tourist attractions are there in Kurseong. It includes Eagles crag, kettle valley, Dow Hill, Ambotia Shiva temple and St.Mary Hill. Eagle crag is the main attraction of Kurseong. It offers you unforgettable views of the hills. Scenic view of the Teesta River and evergreen forests are awesome. Netaji Kothi or is housed on Eagle’s Crag in an almost ruined condition. Before this place was the home of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Kettle valley is the beautiful picnic spot. This place is situated on the banks of the river Rinchengtong and located at Dilaram tea garden. It is visited by both locals and tourist from all over the world. The property of the kettle valley gives you breathtaking experience. Tourists can view the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas in the backdrop. The surrounding area of the valley is filled with lush greeneries with the clear water of the river flowing along side. If you visit West Bengal Tourist Places then only you can experience the beauty of the place.

Ambotia Shiva Temple or Mandir is the popular and most visited Hindu temple in Kurseong. The temple is located in Ambotia tea garden. Except from the religious importance for the temple, it is also famous for its scenic beauty. You can see the orange orchard nearby the temple. While visiting the Ambotia temple, visitors can also see the Ambodia Landslide, which is downhill, dropping down about thousand metres to Balasan. It is very attractive. Kurseong is really a nature lover’s paradise.

St. Mary s Hill is a beautiful hill forest. St.Mary is the Church and a peaceful place visited by Christians as well as people of other religious who visit to pay respects or to worship in Churches.  St.Mary s Grotto is a small stone-cave where you can see the statue of Mother Mary .Devotees and tourists light candles in honor of Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. This is one of the popular hills which offers fragmented views of the surroundings and makes for an interesting trek up.

West Bengal Tourist Places is always awesome. The trip it makes an unforgettable experience. The peoples in kurseong speak Nepali, Hindi, Tibetan, English and Bengali languages. The Kurseong, West Bengal Tourist Places are popular and well known in north Bengal. After Darjeeling attractions Kurseong is the most popular destination in West Bengal. So whenever you are planning a tour to West Bengal include Kurseong in your list and visit this place at least once in your journey of life.